Sunday, July 13, 2008

Muslims, Your Whining about Islamophobia Is Stupid and Juvenile!

By Cassandra (USA)
author of Thirty-Three Secrets Arab Men Never Tell American Women:
A Dissection of How Muslims Treat Women and Infidels

To Muslim apologists who are working to ruin and destroy the United States and the rest of the free world:

Rather than stand around and whine about Islamophobia, about how you are not respected, and about how Islam is reviled by those of us who count our blessings daily that we are infidels, why don’t you do something constructive about it?

If you would truly like to change how people think about you, your backward god of slaughter, your political agenda for conquering the world, and your pedophile/ butcher father-figure, Muhammad, there are some practical things you could actually be doing to improve your low-class image:

• Stop killing people all over the world.

• Stop slandering, abusing, and killing Israelis and Jews all over the world, especially in Israel.

• Stop slandering, killing, and abusing Christians, Hindus, and all other non-Muslims everywhere.

• Force the imams and mullahs to stop preaching hatred and murder of non-Muslims everywhere.

• Start abiding by, and promoting, the peaceful, Meccan suras in the Qur’an.

• Get rid of Salafi/Wahhabi terrorist imams, teachers, doctors, businessmen, and organizations such as CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood, Muslim Students Association, Hamas, Al Qaeda, and HAMAS and force them to return to the Middle Eastern deserts to stir up trouble over there.

• Force CAIR to close all its offices and deport the employees back to the Middle East. An equally practical alternative—turn them in to the authorities for prosecution as terrorists, seditionists, and traitors.

• Force all Muslim Brotherhood chapters to close up shop and the members to return to their countries—or turn them in for prosecution as terrorists, seditionists, and traitors.

• Close every madrassa or change the curriculum and textbooks to instill positive attitudes about making one’s way in the society in which the students live , loyalty to and appreciation of that country, and to impart knowledge of skills that can be used to forge a good life for oneself.

• Close every mosque until nonviolent imams can be found.

• Integrate more into the society in which you live—enclaves of Muslims are not the way to get along and they are not conducive to positive behavior patterns as demonstrated by the enclaves in the Netherlands, Britain, France, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Falls Church VA, Detroit, MI, Sudan, India, Indonesia . . .

• Get rid of the oil lobbies. Send the Saudis, including Saudi students, home.

• Get rid of all Wahhabi Islamic Studies Department in all universities.

• Reject anything to do with violence and terrorism.

• Stop using every little excuse to make trouble for non-Muslims.

• Stop playing the victim card—life is not perfect for anyone. Solve your own problems.

• Stop going after special privileges. You are not any more special than anyone else. Rise to the top through great behavior and a good, honest work ethic!

• Stop lying through your teeth about American history, the nature of Christianity, the nature of Judaism, the nature of Islam and definitions in Muslim terminology, the nature of madrassas, the nature of sharia finance, your determination to rule the world and yank everyone back into your own cultural morass of bestiality. . .

• Males, STOP KILLING YOUR POOR WOMEN AND GIRLS. Let them make a few of their own choices in life without fear of being killed.

• STOP FORCING YOUR DAUGHTERS TO BE GENITALLY MUTILATED. This causes lifelong diseases, infection, and often death.

• Move into the 21st century! Leave your 7th-century barbaric behavior patterns in the dust of Arabia to lie there and die there.

• Males, learn to take responsibility for your own actions. Do not blame your own failures on your mothers, sisters, aunts, wives, daughters—this is craven, low-class, and worth hating you to the death for. Right now, you are the scum of the earth for this habit of yours.

• Stop trying to ruin, destroy, conquer, and steal other peoples’ countries from them.

• Stop trying to destroy and steal the cultural and religious heritages of other countries such as India, Asia, Europe, the United States, and the rest of the free world.

• Let those people who label themselves as Palestinians migrate to other countries to establish lives for themselves.

• Stop committing terrorist acts all over the world.

• Get over this obsession with thinking that what you want is all that matters and that anyone who gets in your way is “an enemy” and that “you are oppressed”.

• Treat other people as you want to be treated. The Golden Rule goes a long way in relationships with other people.

Those are just a few suggestions — if you really want to reduce the rising amount of hatred for Muslims as a whole which the terrorists and their supporters are causing for those of you who just want to live your lives and raise your children in safety.

These will work — if you implement them. If you do implement these changes, the whole world will salute you. And people like me will be proud to call you friend.


Always On Watch said...

They will whine until they are forced NOT to!

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