Monday, August 25, 2008

Video: The Violent Suppression of Women in Islam

Description of video:
The Violent Oppression of Women in Islam is a graphic, nightmarish, and profoundly unsettling glance into the darkest recesses of our fellow man. Narrated by Nonie Darwish, this film accurately depicts the dehumanizing theology, brutal abuse, and degradation that comprise the daily lives of millions of women in the fascist portions of the Islamic world -- arcing like a crescent from sub-Saharan Africa, through Iran, to north-central Asia and reaching into hidden pockets of the United States. These acts include the honor killing of a seven-year-old girl, beheaded for having been the victim of sexual abuse; gang-rapes, occasionally perpetrated by family members, to punish women who refuse to wear the hijab; the regular marriage of grown men to nine-year-old girls, in imitation of Islam's founder, Muhammad; genital mutilation of infant girls to destroy their sexual pleasure and objectify them as outlets for the gratification of man's lust; the widespread, often public practice of wife-battery, a practice justified by the Koran; public stoning for violations of Shari'a law; and sadly, much, much more. Taken together, the images of this video are a grotesque and disturbing assault on the integrity of women....

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Support The Free Speech Protection Act of 2008

When Congress returns next month, the Senate Judiciary Committee may take up the Free Speech Protection Act of 2008 (S. 2977), a bill that protects U.S. authors and publishers from the threat of libel tourism.

The Libel Tourist - Updated Edition explains:

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Right NOW the bill is pending in Congress. We have only until the first week of September to get everybody to demand that Congress pass this bill. If we miss this opportunity, all American writers and publishers - except those living in New York State, where Rachel's Law already passed, continue to be silenced.

Write or call your Congresssional representatives to demand their support of the Free Speech Act 2008. Don't wait! The deadline for responding is close of business Friday, September 5.

The numbers of the bill are as follows: H.R. 5814 (House of Representatives) and S-2977 (Senate).

Useful contact information:

General Judiciary Committee

Staff Majority Communications Director Jonathan Godfrey:
Tel (202) 225-3951

Majority Press Secretary/Spokesperson Melanie Roussell:
Tel (202) 225-3951

Majority Staff Director/Chief Counsel Perry Apelbaum:
Tel (202) 225-3951

Minority Chief of Staff/General Counselor:
Tel (202) 226-0002

Minority Communications Director Kim Smith:
Tel (202) 225-6906

Senators on Committee

NY Charles Schumer
Press Secretary Brian Fallon: (202) 224-7433

VT Patrick J. Leahy
Press Secretary Erica Chabot: (202) 224-2154

MA Edward Kennedy
Press Secretary Melissa Wagoner: (202) 224-2633

DE Joseph Biden
Press Secretary Elizabeth Alexander: Tel (202) 224-2154

WI Herbert Kohl
Press Secretary Lynn Becker: (202) 224-2240

WI Russ Feingold
Press Secretary Zach Lowe: (202) 224-8657

CA Dianne Feinstein
Press Secretary Scott Gerber: (202) 224-8657

IL Richard Durbin
Press Secretary Joe Shoemaker: (202) 224-7028

MD Benjamin Cardin
Press Secretary Sue Walitsky: (202) 224-7433

RI Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse
Press Secretary Alex Swartsel: (202) 224-7433

PA Arlen Specter
Press Secretary Chris Gindlesperger: (202) 224-5225

UT Orrin Hatch
Press Secretary Mark Eddington: (202) 224-5251

IA Charles Grassley
Press Secretary Beth Levine: (202) 224-6197

AZ Jon Kyl
Press Secretary Andrew Wilder: (202) 224-4521

AL Jeff Sessions
Press Secretary Michael Brumas: (202) 224-4124

SC Lindsey Graham
Press Secretary Wes Hickman: (202) 224-5972

TX John Cornyn
Press Secretary Brian Walsh: (202) 224-2934

KS Sam Brownback
Press Secretary John Rankin: (202) 224-6521

OK Tom Coburn
Press Secretary John Hart: (202) 224-5754

Congressional Representatives

NY-9th Anthony Weiner

NY-8th Jerrold Nadler Tel: 202-225-5635

CA-24th Elton Gallegly

CA-3rd Dan Lungren

CA-29th Adam Schiff

CA-28th Howard Berman Fax (202) 225-3196

CA-16th Zoe Lofgren

CA-35th Maxine Waters

CA-39th Linda Sanchez

CA-27th Brad Sherman

CA-49th Darrell Issa

MI 14th John Conyers (Chair) Fax (202) 225-0072

VA-9th Rick Boucher

VA-3rd Bobby Scott

VA-6th Bob Goodlatte

VA-4th Randy Forbes

NC-12th Melvin Watt

MA-10th William Delahunt

FL-8th Ric Keller

FL-24th Tom Feeney

FL-20th Debbie Wasserman Schultz

FL-19th Robert Wexler

TN-9th Stephen Cohen

GA-4th Hank Johnson

OH-13th Betty Sutton

IL-4th Luis Gutierrez

WI-2nd Tammy Baldwin

AL-7th Artur Davis

MN-5th Keith Ellison

TX-21st Lamar S. Smith

TX-18th Sheila Jackson Lee

TX-1st Louie Gohmert

WI-5th F. James Sensenbrenner

NC-6th Howard Coble

UT-3rd Chris Cannon

IN-6th Mike Pence

IA-5th Steve King

AZ-2nd Trent Franks

OH-4th Jim Jordan

OH-1st Steve Chabot

Read more about The Free Speech Protection Act at The American Center for Democracy.

Monday, August 11, 2008