Thursday, December 31, 2020

Freedom For America


We want to free men from being slaves of men and make them slaves of Allah” --Abu Abdullah, Senior member of Hizb ut-Tahrir, the ‘Party of Liberation’

Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom. Better to die on our feet as free Americans than live on our knees as slaves to Islam. No dhimmitude. No tyranny. No jihadist Muslims.

Jihadist Muslims excel in atrocities such as invading, butchering, raping, sodomizing, conquering, stealing, and subjugating peoples of other civilizations. Since it is our souls, our freedom, our civilization, and our Judeo-Christian heritage they want to steal from us, war it must be, and war it will be, until America is free of them.

Jihadist Islam is the bubonic plague of our age. Jihadist Muslims are the rats carrying the plague

Islam cannot have The United States of America.



Damien said...

Islam will not control America, anytime soon, our Military will see to that!

UJMi said...

ok thats some Islamophobia!

Why will Islam want USA anyway? Its the people of USA that will decide if they want to follow Islam or not!

Stop putting senseless posts on Blogger for whatever you believe in's sake!

dcat said...

You bet your sweet arse THEY CAN"T!!! ^..^

Sirenspeak said...

You're an idiot. While you are busy worrying about phantom jihadists (funded by your own federal government) you are letting people feed you sensationalist and overly biased information so they can take advantage of your tax dollars.

If you knew anything, you would know that Islam is a peaceful religion (I am not a muslim nor a liberal, but I actually took the time to explore the literature unlike you). If you want to criticize and insult other cultures, you should first try reading the Koran and find how similar it is to the New + Old testament.

I doubt you will actually type "Koran" into your search engine because you are so far gone off of the cliffs of insanity and paranoia I fear there is no hope for your soul. However I shall retain some hope that you will find some vindication for your ranting, other than sensationalist media. If you really hate these Muslims, why don't you go to one of their countries and see their barbarism first hand?

Anonymous said...

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Sirenspeak said...

Well too late as we are already slaves of Jesus in this country-I don't think being slaves of Allah will make it much different. Just relative social changes, condition of life will not change much anyway.

Besides major corporations have too much invested in the stupid American consumer to ever allow any outside force to take away their best investment.

Years of media brainwashing, political jargon, and proxy fear wars (iraq, libya, vietnam, you name it)have been too large of an investment.

So you people keep worrying about the evil doppelganger trying to steal your freedoms away. Hopefully you can come around and find that your freedoms are being stolen away everday by those who are say trying to protect you.

achil Q said...

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